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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Relationship Specialist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist - Relationship Specialist


Individual Therapy

People come to therapy for many different reasons. A common thread among most people is the feeling of being "stuck" or "lost."  On our good days, we feel competent at taking on life's obstacles, and then there are those days when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.  We may even feel afraid, alone, and hopelessly stuck. We want to thrive and prosper, we just don't know how to get there.  

Therapy is an amazing pathway to making that happen.  Together we will find ways to discover your strengths, and then help you use those strengths to create positive, lasting change in your life.  Experiencing your life turn around can be exhilarating. Therapy does not have to be a dark or scary process, and we will only move at a pace at which you are comfortable. 

Couples Counseling

As a relationship specialist, I am extensively trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, also known as EFT. This approach has changed the way I work with couples.  EFT is an amazingly powerful approach to helping couples heal their relationships by learning new ways for communicating and resolving deep conflicts, understanding the root of their distress, and creating new  experiences of closeness and security that help couples have lasting resolution and repair. EFT is a proven model, discovered by Sue Johnson, with the highest success rates for achieving a lasting, loving, and secure bond.  

Life Transition

The loss of a job, the end of a relationship, the birth of a child or even the gradual changes that come with aging are all life transitions. When going through a significant transition, we often experience unwanted emotions such as grief, anxiety, anger, or worry.  Such emotions can diminish our quality of life.

If the revolving door of life's events leaves you feeling overwhelmed, therapy can provide the tools to begin to heal, regain your confidence, and approach life more positively.     


About me...
As a native of Los Angeles and mother of three children, the most important aspect of my work is creating a safe environment for you.  It's when we feel safe that we can truly be vulnerable and open about our past, our shame, our hopes, and our dreams.  

My approach to treatment is informed by Psychodynamic Theory,  Attachment Theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Couples Therapy has been shaped by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

My style is interactive and direct. I believe our relationship is key to the healing process.  Being truly listened to or seen for who one is, sometimes for the fist time, can also be a transformative experience.

Loving the work I do...
I love being a therapist. I am in constant awe of the capacity that people have for self-transformation.  I love watching my clients shift and change...shaking off old patterns and becoming the people they know themselves to be deep down. I am exceptionally privileged to do this work. My clients inspire me by their courage to show up to my office - because at a fundamental level they know they deserve, and can really have, a better life. 


 "When I first started seeing Ossi Pace, I had nearly given up hope on ever working through my anxiety, depression and childhood trauma.  It felt as if every step forward I had taken in life was proceeded by taking 10 steps back. I had tried for over a decade to develop self-worth and healing necessary to thrive but felt defeated and destined to not have my own voice, continue poor relationships and have poor life outcomes. That was a little more than three years ago and today my life is defined by my unbreakable sense of self-worth, solid boundaries, and healthy familial, friendship, workplace and intimate relationships. This would not have been possible without the intensive therapy, therapeutic guidance and listening ear of Ossi Pace. I never knew my own mental health could be this stable and healthy. Therapy with her helped me save my life and there are no words to sum up the gratitude I have for her. While I had seen various therapists before, I often left sessions feeling worse or not obtaining the tools I needed to overcome my struggles. Ossi not only helped me work through my childhood trauma, but also provided applied therapeutic guidance in present situations in which the trauma was manifesting itself.  Applying the tools I learned in therapy helped me navigate difficult situations in my everyday life. Sessions with her helped me become more aware of my own patterns that created anxiety and thus I began to learn how to emotionally regulate myself more. I have continued to integrate the tools and lessons I learned from therapy with Ossi. I'm the most emotionally and mentally stable I've ever been and thus in a secure place in life. Now that my most intensive therapy sessions have decreased, I still actually enjoy counting on Ossi's expertise as my own life has evolved.  From anxiety-ridden and reclusive to becoming a confident woman that works with the public and navigates a new healthy relationship, Ossi's therapeutic style has lead me to optimal healing and growth." ~ Lila B.

  “I came to see Ossi during a real low point in my life without a clue about therapy or what to expect. Ossi was someone whom I immediately connected with and was someone that was instantly able to put me at ease. She really makes it a point to foster a safe environment and I could tell that she really listened to me and genuinely cared about me. Over the time I spent with Ossi, she helped me come to have a better awareness and understanding of myself and through the work we did together, I can now say that I am in a much better and stronger place. I can’t begin to thank Ossi enough for the help and insight she has brought into all areas of my life! Finding her was a real blessing and I would recommend therapy and especially her to anyone.” ~ Kate T.

  “From the moment I met Ossi Pace I knew that this was going to be my safe place. I have had therapists in the past who nodded throughout my session without much feedback. And while I come to therapy for an ear, I also come for solid/educated feedback. Ossi has helped me work through some true tough spots in my life-navigating the single mother thing, dating as a single mother, family dynamics, my own childhood events and how they can dictate how I parent, and much more. She speaks with wisdom and a touch of humor, which I find relaxing and refreshing.  I am currently in the process of blending my family with my boyfriend’s and I find myself calling upon the time I spent with Ossi to navigate it all. Thank you Ossi.” ~ Lauren F.

“I’ve been married for 20 + years. My husband and I have three children together, along with a lot of history … and baggage. We had been to a couple therapists over the years, but somehow, they seemed to exacerbate our tension with one another versus putting it to rest. One therapist seemed to be more sympathetic to my Husband, and I would leave our visits feeling invisible, and one really wasn’t a fit for either one of us.  We learned about Ossi Pace on the heels of a particularly difficult period in our lives when the only thing we could agree upon was that it was either time to call it quits or figure it out, once and for all. We approached our first visit with trepidation — not particularly optimistic about the process, but figuring there was nothing to lose.  Ossi put us both at ease right away. She expertly slowed me down while drawing my husband out. For the first time in a long time — my husband and I agreed on something. We both liked and felt safe with Ossi, and believed she would be helpful to us.  Ossi helped us to open up, unpack our issues, speak honestly to the root/origin of our problems, and find pro-active solutions. She more or less gently re-introduced us to each other and made us realize we never stopped loving or being loved. We just stopped communicating. We left every session feeling more deeply invested in our relationship and optimistic about our future together.

For all our differences, my Husband and I both have a knack for reading a room and reading people. If something isn’t right about a person or situation — we’ll pick up on it instantly. I think we both felt Ossi’s inherent goodness right away. She is kind, knowledgeable, caring, smart, invested and non judgmental. Her approach helped us quite a bit, and for that we are forever grateful. Big thumbs up.” ~ Katie T.

“There’s nothing quite like being a parent. It’s complicated. It’s complicated for you personally, for you and your spouse together, and it’s complicated for the family as a whole. Connecting with Ossi not only enabled my Wife and I to gain more perspective on highly charged emotional issues we face with our daughter — and what at the time seems like pivotal questions — but also much needed distance from the urgency and pressure that builds around parenting decisions. Ossi has a uniquely welcoming, insightful, and trustworthy approach that combines the shared perspective of a Mother/Parent, with the objectivity and clinical perception of a trained practitioner. The confidence and piece of mind, as well as the long and short-term perspective that we get from her is invaluable to us. We’re hugely grateful for the relationship, and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make better decisions as a parent.” ~ Jon H.

 "Having Ossi as my therapist for one year through my multiple transitions in that stage of my life was very helpful and grounding experience. She was warm, empathetic and knowledgeable. She made me aware of my blind spots related to my past, and empowered me to stay aware of them and encouraged me to have more compassion for myself. Even though I don't see her anymore, but when I get trigger her gentle, kind voice of her comes to my mind and reminds me of the things that she used to tell me in the session. Having her as a therapist was a great experience and privilege. Thank you Ossi." ~ Shazi M.



Sessions for individuals are $180 and last 50 minutes. Sessions for couples are $220 and last 60 minutes.


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