Individual Counseling


Looking for Counseling in the Beverly Hills area

All of us are shaped by our past, present and ongoing experiences. The way we handle life’s disruptions, difficulties and stress is deeply personal.

Sometimes, our challenges can weigh on us so that we lose sleep; dwell on negative thoughts; feel growing resentment, anger or sadness; or we simply feel stuck, uncertain and vulnerable.

Seeing a therapist is not a personal failure or weakness. Taking the first step to beginning therapy is definitely the hardest, but it is also half the battle; Through talk therapy, people understand themselves and others better. Talk therapy teaches us healthy ways of processing and expressing emotions, dealing with other people (including our inner self), and coping with circumstances we can and cannot control.

Together we will work to manage and resolve conflicts past and present in order to gain insight into your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Some issues may include: Relationship Issues, Anxiety and Depression, Loneliness and Isolation, Work Problems, Parenting Issues, Life Transitions, Lack of Trust, Vulnerability and Dependability Issues, Intimacy and Relationships, Sex, Career, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress.

I see clients at my office in Beverly Hills & Calabasas, and also provide phone and Skype sessions for patients who are traveling or unable to attend regular office sessions.