EFT Couples Counseling


The only Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist in Beverly Hills

If you are struggling with dissatisfaction in your marriage or relationship, I understand how difficult that can be. You might be facing conflict or hurt and are feeling stuck. You might be tired of feeling so alone and disconnected as a couple and want to find practical and lasting ways to reclaim your intimacy and love for one another.

Relationship struggles bring about some of the most painful experiences of our lives. To feel alone in a relationship is one of the most difficult things any person can face. I understand how people get there and I know how to get them back on track toward lifelong love.

As a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist, I work from a model which has the most evidence-based results for bringing about lasting change in relationships. I understand scientifically and fundamentally how loved ones can get off track with one another and I understand the step by step process to help you recover the bond you once knew. I will help normalize the crazy ways we can feel and act when our love is threatened, how to help overcome conflict and repair the hurts, find true and lasting forgiveness, rediscover intimacy and passion, and cultivate a loving connection for a lifetime together.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a strengths-based approach to treatment that functions from the fundamental awareness that all people are seeking to love and be loved in significant relationships. It is non-pathologizing, non-blaming or shaming, seeking instead to help people understand and overcome negative cycles of relating, cultivating genuine, vulnerable, safe and supportive relationship patterns that serve to overcome hardship, misunderstanding, hurt and relational isolation. Emotionally Focused Therapy clients report of a long-term changed relationship 80% of the time and feel happier at the end of treatment 90% of the time. It is an empowering therapeutic approach meant to bring lasting change where you will not be reliant on a therapist forever but can apply the relationship changes to face any future struggles with resilience. You can read more about the research proving the efficacy of EFT here: https://iceeft.com/eft-research-2/.