My name is Ossi Pace. I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with offices in Beverly Hills and Calabasas.  I have many years of experience helping individuals and couples overcome challenges and obstacles.  My style is highly interactive, supportive, and non-judgmental. I work to ensure that you never feel alone in this process, and I tailor my approach to each individual’s specific needs and concerns.

I am an extensively trained EFT therapist. Emotionally Focused Therapy, discovered by Sue Johnson, is a research-based approach to Couples Therapy that has a 75% success rate. EFT helps couples unearth the underlying issues, helps bring clarity to the cycle or “dance” that keeps them emotionally disconnected, and helps foster new ways of communicating and repairing ruptures that brings closeness and a renewed sense of connection.


Sometimes we get “stuck” in puzzling and upsetting ways.  Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we simply get off track.  Just plain stuck.  It happens. Sometimes working with a trained professional can be just what you need to help us get un-stuck.


My direct approach and dialogue style of therapy will allow us to explore and identify the source of your personal struggles and create a plan intended to overcome the challenges you face. You will move beyond the stuck places in your life, consider options that never previously felt possible, and regain, fulfillment, joy and self-compassion.